Our Values
We believe in fairness, openness and honesty and we follow a clear rule: we do not engage in unethical behaviour.

Social Responsibility
DSP employs about 20 people with different cultures, religions and languages. They all work around the world giving the best of their experience, competencies and skills.
We seek to provide opportunities for professional and personal development because we know it is the key of business success.

Our Customers
When talking about our behaviour with customers, confidentiality is a must for us.
We aim to maximise value to our customers by using industry best practices and advanced technologies.
Our multiculturalism is our strength. We better understand customers’ business drivers, their culture and needs. We seek to develop long-term relationships and work in partnership with customers and other member of the supply chain.

Sustainable Behaviour
We love doing things that can reduce our carbon footprint. We try to reduce as much as possible the use of paper in favour for electronic data. When possible we use conference calls for internal communications.
We know that giving an example is the best way to teach something. Our president Giambattista arrives by bicycle every day in the office!
We like to travel and we endeavour to get to our customers in the most sustainable ways.