Billing and tariffs management

Databill is the billing system solution designed for the need of ports and terminals, that applies to Container, General Cargo, Ro-Ro and Vessel services.

Databill is a Billing System designed for the need of a port and terminal and applies to Container, General Cargo, RoRo, Vessel services.
Databill can be interfaced to any TOS and ERP system, becoming your system for active invoicing process.

The contractual agreements and tariffs are configured by the terminal, thanks to a flexible and user-friendly IT interface that provides the user with a wide range of parameters, flags and business rules that can be composed to create your own tariff.

Key values

  • Pro-forma invoice
  • A flexible tool able to progress together with your business.
  • Automatic/manual invoices of Vessel operations, including overtime and common costs
  • Automatic/manual Storage charges
  • Automatic/manual Terminal Ancillary Services
  • Credit Notes
  • UNI/EDIFACT invoices
  • Multi-facility (multiple terminals of same operator)
  • Interfaced to any Terminal Operations System (TOS) and to any accounting system (ERP)

They have already chosen DSP

  • IMT Intermodal Marine Terminal Genova, Italy