Business process mapping

The value of experience in a TOS Go Live is dramatically important, as learned lessons are the key of success.

Target Objectives

Business Process Mapping, describes functions, roles and systems for each end to end process, enabling internal discussion and common agreement and understanding within the organization of what should be done and how this could be done better in the future.

DSP Solution

  • DSP’s senior consultants with proven industry and product solutions experience, assist maritime and logistics businesses to assess the current status of internal procedures and strategies and to enhance the overall operation of the company.
  • DSP’s competency ranges from working procedures and ROI evaluation, to state of the art surveying and system tuning and optimisation
  • The business process analysis and design helps the customer to assess, optimise and make strategic decisions for their business improvement.

They have already chosen DSP

  • PSA Antwerp, Belgium 2019
  • Borusan, Turkey, 2018
  • Termont Terminal, Canada, 2018
  • Mayotte Channel Gateway, 2017
  • London Gateway, UK, 2017
  • Trieste Marine Terminal, Italy, 2017
  • Contship Italia, Italy, 2014
  • Piraeus Port Authority, Greece, 2014