TOS Services
N4 Implementation Services

The extensive operational experience gained by DSP in 30 years of activity in the shipping industry makes the DSP team the best choice for supporting the Terminal Operators in all the phases of the Terminal Operating System implementation.

DSP, first Navis service solutions implementation partner, provides an end to end TOS support based on the deep seated knowledge the business helping its customers to reduce costs and take the best from their TOS from the configuration to the go live phase with innovative technologies.

DSP has been able to mature professionally due to the many projects that have been completed successfully.

Our N4 implementation support can be resumed in the following services:

  • Project Management and Administration
  • Data migration
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Product Training
  • Go-Live assistance
  • Operations Shadowing
  • First line Maintenance & Support (case management, patches release, tests)
  • NAVIS SPARCS Advanced application tuning, monitoring and continuous improvement
  • Instruction and best practice release
  • Update on innovative technologies (RDT, GPS, RFID, OCR, eSeal)
  • EDI configuration
  • Field Development (reports, groovy, variforms, state model)

N4 Extensions

Since January 2016 DSP entered into the Navis N4 Extensions Certification Program.

DSP provides development services to enhance the N4 suite to match terminal specific requirements through the standard extensions hooks of the product.

N4 APIs and groovy allows the terminal to configure the product with the use of code injection, making it possible for terminal operators to support an unlimited variety of processes, integrations and business rules specific to their individual business needs, including but not limited to Gate, operations, EDI, Customs, Rail, Reporting, Billing ECN4 and N4 Mobile

Through extensions you can enlarge the scope itself of your TOS and enable the test and understanding of automation business case before actual implementation of external systems, through emulation:

  • Gate automation
  • ASC Manager interface
  • Crane OCR

Thanks to the Extensions Certification Program, DSP is now working closely with the Navis’ technical services team and allowed to deliver certified groovy code extensions, release notes and use cases in the “Navis Standard”.

Validated code will give the Terminal the opportunity to decide to register the groovy code under the Navis maintenance and support program.

N4 maintenance and support

Since 2014, DSP is the first support partner of NAVIS and part of the NAVIS support organisation.

DSP consultants will be your first point of contact helping in replicating the case, answering your questions and providing you, where possible with immediate workarounds.

If you choose DSP as implementation partner, our consultants can support you after go live and ensure a smooth transition to the post implementation phase with support, having knowledge of your operations and business cases.