Test cases can be used in a dedicated environment, as training or tests for end users.


TOS vendors provide products tested in their standard behavior but not under specific use cases relevant for the terminal. The terminal team should prepare test scenario and use cases. In relation with customisation and interface/integration with in house software or third party software the test becomes even more important and crucial as end-to-end business cases should be verified and solutions aligned (release management).

During the project phase each vendor will supply different patches or releases to follow terminal demands and every time they must be tested globally. Partial tests are not sufficient

Like all software, even your TOS requires constant release

  • New product features (customisation or roadmap)
  • Bug fixing
  • Technological updates
  • Test of new parameters and algorithms

Target Objective:

The adoption of structured Quality Assurance (QA) and testing approach will return you:

  • Confidence on solution, proof of design and concept
  • Less risk at Go Live and upgrade
  • Documentation of your processes
  • Responsibility
  • Reliable Project planning
  • Regression management
  • Release and patch management

TIP: Test cases can be used in a dedicated environment, as training or tests for end users

DSP Solution

  • DSP can help you create test cases and run testing routines.
  • DSP operates on your preferred testing system or can advise you on best freeware tools.

They have already chosen DSP

  • APMT Vado, Italy, 2018
  • APMT TM2, Tangier Morocco, 2018
  • NTB Bremerhaven, Germany, 2017
  • TMT Trieste Marine Terminal, Italy, 2017
  • APMT Maasvlakte II, The Netherlands, 2017
  • RWG Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2017