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The key performance indicators cannot focus on productivity only, but should look at costs needed to obtain such levels of service and the actual revenue that the terminal will obtain from the delivery of its operations.

Starting from the awareness that every terminal is unique, with its own mix of equipment, cargo, vessel types, labour relations and commercial agreements, DATAVIEW puts in a relation tariff structure, running cost and operational performance to obtain a comprehensive KPI dashboard. This is able to support terminal management in real time decision making and long term planning, enabling them to track performance, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Keys value
  • A reliable unique source of data and KPI’s within the organisation.
  • A flexible tool able to progress together with your business.
  • Transparent formula of KPI calculations.
  • Easy and secure access from any mobile devices.
  • Dynamic reporting capability in the hands of the end user.
  • Live performance indicators.
  • Operational and financial figures to transform data into decision-making material and support what-if analysis for commercial decisions.
  • Open to self-development and maintenance.
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